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AZIWELL provides innovative solutions and products in borehole steering technology.
AZIWELL provides directional core drilling and bore hole survey services for the mineral exploration and infrastructure industries world-wide. We aim to maximize the potential and efficiency in your drilling program through innovative solutions.

Directional drilling

At San Miguel infill program
About 260 km (162 mi) southwest of Mexico City, on the southern bank of the Balsas River in Guerrero state, Torex Gold planned an intense infill drilling program at its Media Luna project. Due to the site's topography, environmental regulations, lack of hydrological resources, and highly variable geologic conditions, a conventional drilling program would have been almost impossible to execute with the desired accuracy and within budget.
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Case Study San Miguel


Directional core drilling services
The AZIDRILL® is a revolution in borehole steering, providing a core sample closer to the industry standards in wireline diamond drilling while steering boreholes. It cuts an N-size borehole while collecting BTK-size coreamples.
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AZIWELL provides new innovative solutions and products focused on enhancing productivity, knowledge, safety and environmental friendliness in Mining, Exploration and Civil Engineering downhole operations.
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