About us

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AZIWELL is a Norwegian engineering company founded in August 2014. Through a cooperation with Innovation Norway a set of development projects was started leading to a breakthrough in 2017 when the company's first product, AziDrill® - Directional Core Barrel, was successfully tested by a drilling company. The successful test led to our first pilot project summer 2018 and the commercialization of AziDrill®. AZIWELL has experienced a phenomenal growth since then, being considered a gazelle company multiple consecutive years. We currently have local establishments in North-America, South-America and Europe, with additional partnerships globally.

AZIWELLs engineering team

AZIWELL posess one of the most skilled engineering teams in the industry. With pioneers within directional core drilling (DCD), navigation and software development, we plan on revolutionizing borehole steering technology through innovative solutions and unique designs. Our technology brings the industry several steps forward and provides reduced drilling costs, increased efficiency, reduced CO2 emission, more information per drilled meter as well as accurate steering of boreholes.

AZIWELL services

AZIWELL provides directional drilling and bore hole survey services for the mineral exploration and infrastructure industries world-wide. Our highly skilled field engineers will in cooperation with the drilling company and project geologists maximize the potential in your drilling program through the implementation of borehole steering technology.